Holy Crap, It’s a New Site Design!

Hello world!

I was working last night on transferring all the content from my old blog over to my redesigned blog (around 6,000 entries). I had in mind that I’d test things out to see how the content would look, and ended up just going through with republishing everything, and making it all live.

There are a few kinks I’m working through this morning. I found a range of entries that didn’t get picked up and republished those. The “Experiments” section is going to need a little more manual attention, as I’d like to get those pages reconfigured. And finally… it seems like there’s a specific Firefox issue (on the PC) with my top nav.

I’ve tried some light browser testing, but I’ve done most of my testing on a Mac (Safari/Firefox). But if you spot something, feel free to drop a comment here.

// Edit: Re-imported a bunch of entries that got missed, and fixed the nav for FF3 (but not FF2).

I didn’t incorporate the Google Ads back in, but still plan to. I left out the home page jingle on purpose (I’ve wanted to remove it for months now).

A few things that are new:

* I’ve set up comments to pull in Gravatars. If you’ve got one, it’ll display automatically; if not, no big deal.

* Comments should now be threaded. If you hit “reply” to someone’s comments, your comments will ultimately display underneath the one you responded to.

* Tags are now added. Haven’t used them in the past, and will start to do so now.

I’m sure there are spots all around that could use a little more polish and a little more work. But I’m sure I could have this site under wraps for another few months and still be hammering out some of the kinks. So what the hey – new site launch today.

// Edit: I should mention that I drew heavily from the Freemium WP Theme. I was originally going to switch to WP, but decided to stick with Movable Type. I’m hoping it’s different enough that it’s not a complete rip.

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  1. Looks great Felix! I am digging the color scheme and clean layout. Kudos to you and the hard work!

    Justin Reply

  2. I’m really fond of the interesting information section at the bottom of every page. Interesting!… but seriously, awesome redesign, my friend. Love all the little call-outs and the pivot points on the right column. Upwards of 6,000 posts? You are a machine and this new look makes it even easier to dig into all your great content. And hurray for Gravatars!

    Chris Reply

  3. Yeah, I forgot about the footer. Sorta like walking out of the house forgetting pants. I tell ya if…*looks down*Crap. Not again.

    avoision Reply

  4. YAY — Looks awesome, Felix!! Right column panned out fantastically!

    Jane Reply

  5. Spiffy! I am also an honest fan of the interesting information at the bottom. Nice!

    jesseca Reply

  6. Loves it! Nice job!! I feel like I never comment anymore, now that I read on my phone. Anyway, do you still have the little sound effect when you get to the site? I’m using A.P.’s laptop and his sound SUCKS. If not, I say bring back the sound effect! I loved it. It was like knowing you were at home on a blog. That’s not a good explanation, but you know what I mean. Right? I hope…

    Marty J. Reply

  7. Thanks very much for the kind words. And a big thanks to Jane for taking a sneak peek, and giving me some advice on things to tweak!I started tinkering with a redesign AGES ago, way back before the wedding stuff really kicked in to high gear. Though there’s a lot taken from the Freemium theme, it does feel good to know that I pieced together everything on here by hand – my own PSD, my own (div happy) code and CSS.It’s far from perfect, but it feels good because it’s mine.

    avoision Reply

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