Halloween Costumes in the Office, 2009

Dan dressed, aptly, in a mask as The Mask.

Justin’s a lumberjack, and he’s ok.

Nick who, along with his girlfriend Erin, dressed as The Knife. This is the first I’ve heard of them, so here’s a link.

AJ as Juno.

Utopia (and her alter ego).

Matt B never, never fails to impress on this day. He dressed up as the Jolly Green Giant. There was literally a crowd of folks, cameras in hand, waiting around for Matt to show up in his costume.

The shoes complete the outfit.

I didn’t get photos of everyone, sadly. I missed Masha and Tracy, and maybe a few others. For more images of Halloween in the office, check out the Flickr photos from Ben and Masha.


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  1. What about your costume? How did the spider go over?

    juliet Reply

  2. woo! the knife!

    pablo Reply

  3. You’re making me feel old, Pablo.

    avoision Reply

  4. Sadly, the sign got blown away by the wind about a block away from my El stop. I watched it just get ripped away, and knocked down the street.But at the train stop, I found some kids and went into my zoologist character mode, and it was a blast! I hammed it up, and we all boarded the train together. Two of the kids slowly got their candy, while a third just up and refused to even try (he was too scared).I interacted with a few adults on the train, and that was a lot of fun. Stayed in character the whole time, which made it pretty enjoyable. I brought an extra board with me to work, and was able to make another sign in about 5 minutes.The actual spider movement did spook a few people. I got a few coworkers, and also got a few of the medical college students to jump.The thing I realized is that the mechanical aspect wasn’t all that necessary (and wasn’t all that scary when it moved). The biggest thing was to watch someone debate in their head whether or not it was a real spider.Most assumed it was fake, but there was a lot of hesitation. There was also a lot of “What’s going to happen? Something’s going to happen, right?” hesitation, which also made things interesting. The coolest thing about the costume wasn’t the mechanical remote control – it was each person’s brain, second guessing itself. That was way fun to watch, and to be a part of.The only downer of the day was heading home. I saw no one else in costume, and felt like I was in a sea of adults riding the frown train. Few wanted anything to do with me, and the handful that took candy did so with disinterest, and a few didn’t even see the spider inside.Still though, I’m liking the interactive costume angle. I like the “free candy at a cost” bit, and am looking forward to coming up with something like this next year.

    avoision Reply

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