World Building in a Crazy World: Vignettes by Jonathan Harris

Much thanks to Chris, who mentioned on Twitter this fascinating series of vignettes by Jonathan Harris entitled World Building in a Crazy World.

Ever since I came across Harris’ work, I’ve been a fan. Projects like We Feel Fine and I Want You To Want Me make me drop my jaw and shake my head, simultaneously. There’s a substance and a depth to his projects that go beyond the data eye candy (and the eye candy IS beautiful, btw), and touches on deeper emotions.

There are a lot of great moments in these vignettes, advice mixed with stories mixed with a look at what our digital world might become. Here’s one of my favorite lines:

In architecture, the basic trait is matter and the basic need is shelter. Online, the basic trait is interaction and the basic need is connection. The homogeneity of modern architecture has to do with aesthetics. The homogeneity of the web has to do with behavior.

I’m reminded that I need to follow Harris’ work more closely. I’m a huge fan, and admire the hell out of his work. Out of everything, seeing We Feel Fine made an incredible impact on me… and still moves me to this day.

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