Beautiful Visualizations of “Choose Your Own Adventure” Books

Before there was the hyperlink, there was the Choose Your Own Adventure book. A throwback to the 1980’s, these books were for many of us an introduction to fantasy, science fiction, non-linear storytelling… and the computer games we know today.

While most books began with backstory or setup, the reader would soon find themselves at a page where a decision needed to be made.

If you choose the dark passageway, turn to page 14.
If you choose to walk along the river, turn to page 20.

Depending on your choices, the story would change. The act of reading became more interactive, and each reading could yield different endings. As a kid, the notion of one book containing multiple stories was a magical one – amplified by the fact that I, as a reader, could influence events.

And really, what kid doesn’t want that?

The Choose Your Own Adventure Visualizations are what happens when those kids grow up. These remarkably beautiful (and remarkably geeky) images by Christian Swineheart are just fantastic to look at.

Of particular interest is the “Many Conclusions” portion of the page, as the writing/breakdown is as compelling as the visual eye candy. The Ultima subplot from UFO 54-40 is a particularly fun example of how these books evolved, and introduced yet another layer of discovery and non-linearity.

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