Just Hanging Out

Woke up yesterday AM, and as I was walking to kitchen… noticed something sitting on the couch.

I was groggy, and at first wasn’t 100% sure what I was looking at. But it slowly dawned on me that the rabbit we brought home had somehow ecaped his pen. And was just… you know. Hanging out on the couch. Chillaxing.

He’s much less fussy about being picked up (as opposed to Baxter), so it wasn’t hard to scoop him up and place him back in his area. The whole time, he had this very nonchalant look on his face, as though to say “You have a nice couch – it’s quite cozy.”

The rest of the morning, I kept thinking that the bunny’s name should be Dillinger.

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  1. I love this bunny!

    Liz Reply

  2. Totally voting for Dillinger.

    juliet Reply

  3. I like ‘Houdini’ for the new rabbit.

    Mellzah Reply

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