Post Work Poker (Featuring Rey and Deb)

Though we had a ton of folks signed up for last night’s game, a lot of last-minute changes took place… and we wound up with only six people to play. But to my surprise, among that six were Deb and Rey (who wandered in just as we started, and decided to sit in).

At the start of the evening, about to play a practice hand to show Deb the rules of Texas Holdem. L to R it’s Chris C, Deb and Noami.

Amazingly, this was the first hand of the night. Deb started to bet really high, and the next thing we knew… over 2000 chips were on the table. When the cards were all turned over, it revealed a three-way split of the pot, as everyone had gotten a King high straight. Uncanny!

L to R it’s Noami, Sammy and AJ (the current owner of the Lord and Master Stein).

Holy crap – in looking back on things, I can’t believe the Lord and Master Stein is nearly four years old. Wow!

Rey, plotting his next move. I have to tell you, it was especially fun (and funny) to watch hands where it was Rey and Deb playing against each other. The back and forth between them was pretty hysterical.

I went all-in on a Queen high straight against Rey, but he ended up having Ace King in his hands, giving him the Ace high straight. While I survived that bet, it was only barely so (as evidenced by the fifty chips I had remaining).

I lasted two more hands, and was the first one out.

Post Work Poker, 2009.03.27
Post Work Poker, 2009.05.28

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