Everyone, Meet Professor Quincy Snugglesworth

I’m proud to officially introduce you to Professor Quincy Snugglesworth, the newest member of our household.

Liz and I had different favorite names for the bunny, so we ended up compromising. Overall, we liked Mr. Darcy, but as he gradually became more comfortable… that name didn’t seem to fit as much. We both ended up liking Quincy, and felt that was the best match. But to realize my dream of having a pet actually named “Professor Snugglesworth,” we decided to give Quincy a full name.

So when things are all laid back and informal? He’s just Quincy. But if he’s lecturing or doing speaking engagements? It’s better to refer to him by his more formal name, Professor Quincy Snugglesworth.

What’s that? You want to know his degree and field of expertise? I’m honestly not sure. He had a diploma at one point, but I’m pretty sure he ate it.

Welcome Quincy. We hope you like it here with us.

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