First Snow, 2009

Woke up, and this was the view from my office, looking down on the street circa 5:30 AM. I was honestly surprised to see a blanket of snow covering everything, as I had no idea we were even expecting snowfall.

With the first snow of the year, I wanted to mention my First Snow Flash project. Utilizing the Flickr API, it’s a visualization of a poem I wrote a long time ago.

As the poem is read, random photos from Flickr are pulled in to accompany the lines. A total of 16 random photos (matching keywords like “snow,” “snow covered,” etc) are displayed throughout.

I’ve also got a sorting filter, that looks for the most recent photographs first. My hope here is that, as Winter progresses and more photos of snow make their way online… the poem will change along with the season. Like my Astronaut project, the goal is for you to never see the same visualization twice.

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