Liz Makes Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Recently Liz got a hold of an old, old family recipe for cinnamon rolls (that belonged to her great-grandmother). She decided to try out a practice batch this weekend, and I was around to snap a few photos.

Today was her first attempt, and more of a practice run (for when she makes these over the holidays).

This is how the dough starts off. In goes in the oven for a while, where it slowly rises up. I’m not sure how often it happens, but it gets punched down and rises up again; this process repeats a few times.

The dough is much bigger now, and about to get flattened down and put back in the oven.

The base of the pan, where all the rolls will eventually sit. Looks delicious!

The dough, ready to be flattened down and kneaded.

Brushing on just a little bit of butter.

Sprinkling brown sugar.

Topping things off with cinnamon.

Rolling everything up into one giant burrito.

Pinching the sides shut, as well as the main seam running down the length of the giant roll.

Cutting out each of the individual rolls.

Placing the rolls into the pan.

Fresh out of the oven, the rolls have expanded and taken over all of the space in the pan.

As a post-dinner snack, Liz and I each had a cinnamon roll… and they were as good as they looked. She’s taking in the rest of the batch to her coworkers on Monday morning. Which is both a good and bad thing, honestly. I’m wishing the cinnamon rolls could all stay in the apartment so that I could have them, but it’s probably for the best that they not be around.

Maybe I should test one more out, just to make sure they’re ok…

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  1. I hope that future cinnamon roll leavings will find their way to OUR office (wink, nudge).

    Chris Reply

  2. They are delicious, Liz!!! :-D

    Allison Reply

  3. Adding a note for the historical record of it all.Amazingly, maybe an hour or two after Chris’ comment, Liz emailed me to ask if I wanted to bring the remaining cinnamon rolls over to Emmis Interactive. Turns out, only a few coworkers took rolls, and there was about half a pan left untouched.It lasted only a few minutes here, after an email announcement (we actually had a few people physically running down the hallway to the kitchen). And I got to eat another cinnamon roll – bonus!

    avoision Reply

  4. Thanks Allison. While they were yummy, they wern’t quite the same as the version from my childhood, that my grandmother used to make. It was a great first try though.Happily there will be more to come in the coming months, I’m sure.

    Liz Reply

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