Making Money by Visiting the Bank

From time to time, I’ll pop by the Bank of America near where I work to get change. Our laundry machines in the apartment use quarters, and every so often I’ll need a roll of quarters.

Recently, I was there and did the usual: gave the teller a $10 bill, and she gave me a roll of quarters in return. As I was leaving, I noticed some change just sitting on the counter.

I pointed to it, and began to say “Uh..,” to which the teller replied: “You can take it.”

So I scooped it up.

To date, I’ve made a total of 12 cents by going to this bank and getting change. While these are tiny amounts, I think it’s hysterical that I’m technically making money by simply going there.

Thankfully though, there were no bank robberies as a result. 99,999,988 to go.

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