Early Christmas in Georgia, Part 1

Flying in to Georgia last night took about 3 times longer than necessary. Our flight was delayed for an hour or two, and after our plane finally landed… we were stuck behind three other planes, waiting for a gate.

To top things off, a part of Liz’s luggage didn’t show up. And so we killed about an hour waiting around to see what might happen. At midnight, we set a 10 minute countdown before giving up on the bag entirely. After about 3 minutes, it miraculously arrived.

So things turned out well, save for the fact that we arrived at our destination closer to 1:00 AM. After a night of heavy sleep, we woke up to find Anne, Jackson and Isabelle downstairs.

The kids, helping to make Kirt’s birthday cake.

And, of course, the requisite taste test. Just to be safe.

This bar, I learned, is “not a toy.” But made for a fun shot.

Fast forward a bit to dinner. We mostly just lounged around, and hung out with everyone. Wrapped a few gifts. Tricia and Darryl arrived even later than we did (they drove), and got to the house around 3:30 AM. So it was a slow kind of day.

Kirt, serving up the cake.

Opening gifts, Jackson helps to reveal the fruitcake that Liz made. Not to be confused with the dry, gross fruitcake that most of you are accustomed to… this here is a different kind of fruitcake.

Let’s just say that it has about a bottle’s worth of whiskey inside, soaked up over many weeks. Powerful stuff.

Kirt with Jackson, Isabelle and Paige, opening gifts.

A bit later on in the evening, in an attempt to tire out the children… we hold a race upstairs. As you can imagine, hilarity (and a few bumps) ensue:

Early Christmas, Kansas City (2006)
Early Christmas, Kansas City (2007)
Early Christmas, Atlanta (2008)

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