Early Christmas in Georgia, Part 2

One of the staple parts about Christmas day with the Holders is Anne’s monkey bread. When it’s early and you’re still waking up, this paired with a cup of coffee is a little slice of heaven.

Napoleon, with a little sad look on his face… but still cute as ever.

Gifts spilling out from under the tree.

Another shot of the Christmas tree.

Paige, looking like she’s about to lay a hurt on me if I don’t stop taking her photo RIGHT NOW.

Isabelle and Paige, opening gifts together.

Isabelle checking out the handmade skirt that Liz made for her.

Jackson, who seems very happy with the stuffed panda he just got.

Isabelle, about to take a swing…

Paige, who apparently knows how to use that bat. I guess the earlier warning wasn’t all talk.

About to sit down for an early dinner. Our flight back to Chicago was at 6:00 PM, so we got to eat a little ahead of schedule.

The kids: L to R it’s Isabelle, Paige and Jackson (with Audrey seated in front).

Group hug!

Early Christmas, Kansas City (2006)
Early Christmas, Kansas City (2007)
Early Christmas, Atlanta (2008)

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