Christmas Day in Indianapolis

Amazingly, given the late night we all had last night… everyone slept in on Christmas Day. I figured the kids would be up at the crack of dawn, but it was closer to 11:00 AM before everyone slowly started to rise.

I heard some rustling in the hallway, and found Jahnu sitting patiently by the gated-off door between the bedrooms and the rest of the house.

Jasmine and Jahnu, looking out on the tree. You can almost feel the yearning, coming off of them in waves.

Jahnu, opening a gift.

Nesta, kicking his paws up, relaxing and… just letting it all hang out.

Jasmine, with her special green wig that she picked out at a Dollar Store some time ago.

The frenzy continues…

Jasmine, showing off the handmade skirt that Liz made for her. Jahnu, showing once again that he has no need of pants, and no care of society’s “rules.”

My dad, helping Jasmine work on a Lego house kit she got for Christmas. Minutes later, after Jasmine got bored and left, my dad continued to work on the house for another 20+ minutes.

L to R it’s my dad, Jasmine and my Grandma Phoebe.

Jasmine and Grandma sit down to a big meal that my mom cooked up.

No real Chinese dinner is complete without rice (and a rice cooker to boot).

My dad, “helping” Jasmine finish up her Lite Brite design. I’m now thinking I need to buy my dad some toys for next Christmas.

Jasmine’s Lite Brite design.

Buzz Lightyear: astronaut, adventurer, polygamist.

Jasmine showing off her new blanket (with Jahnu in tow).

L to R it’s Grandma Phoebe, Jasmine, Stacey and Jahnu.

Much much later in the evening, after we attempted to put the kids to bed… there was talk of watching Up (which we had just gotten on Blu-Ray). Jasmine and Jahnu were still awake, talking to one another… and so we ultimately decided it would be easier to let them watch the movie with us.

Liz and I went in to tell them we were making a “special exception,” and that they were allowed to stay up late to watch a movie with us. Seeing as how their schedules were already off from last night, we let them stay up with us.

Jasmine and Jahnu, tucked in to the couch.

Jahnu, all smiles.

Jasmine, excited to start the movie.

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