Painting the Bedroom

One of Liz’s projects during the holiday break was to try out a different color for the bedroom walls. Interestingly, the original was a white/cream color and the primer is the blue-ish gray on the right there.

A view of the test wall, prior to the new paint.

Liz, trying out a small swatch of the red.

First wall, recently brushed and just drying. Liz did just one wall, to see how well she liked the color.

Interestingly, the paint does a good job of reflecting the sunlight from our window… and ends up giving a slight glow to things, around dusk.

A day after this shot, we re-arranged everything in the bedroom and basically flipped all the furniture around so that we could have access the other walls. It’ll be interesting to see what the room looks like, once the other walls are done.

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