Japanese Bunny DVD

Liz and I got a nice gift from Chris and Leslie, who just got back from Japan a few days ago. It was a great looking DVD of Bunnies, but beyond that… we had no idea what to expect.

We had to try a few different approaches in order to view the DVD. Due to Region restrictions, it didn’t work in our DVD player or the PS3. But we were able to get it to run on Liz’s laptop by changing the region settings.

I’m happy to report that the DVD is as awesome as we had hoped:

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  1. Depending on the DVD player you have, most any player can be turned into a region-free player but using a few simple button combinations on the remote. Have a look around Google and see if you can convert your player so that you and the family can enjoy it on the big screen! I’m interested to find out if bunnies can recognize other bunnies on TV.

    Chris Reply

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