A Bugatti Veyron Mouse, the Rolling Stones and Conan O’Brien’s $1.5 Million Dollar Joke

I haven’t been keeping up a lot with all the back and forth on the late night talk shows, but I’ve lost a significant portion of this morning watching clips from Conan’s show last night.

I meant to post up some photos I took recently, along with a link to an article… but truth be told, I’ve spent the last 40 minutes watching clips and laughing a lot.

The clincher for me was a new “character” that Conan introduced in his final days on air: a Bugatti Veyron car, dressed up to look like a mouse. This character was revealed on the stage while the original master recording of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” played in the background.

Essentially, this was the world’s most expensive car was dressed like a rodent. And the music was chosen due to all the money that would be charged for royalty rights, for both on-air and online distribution. All done as a jab to NBC, and all done on NBC’s dime.

Check out the video below (the bit starts about 1:30 in):

Hilarious! Granted, there’s a lot of hyperbole there. I’m sure the car can be returned, so it’s not actually something they shelled out money for (but I’m sure it was expensive to rent). The music royalties though, that’s gotta be for real. And I imagine that’s a bit costly.

For a lot more videos from last night’s show (along with other clips from the other late night shows), check out this post on Gawker). A pretty great round-up, actually.

The Conan clips were incredibly funny. Adam Sandler showed up a bit later on, and did a pretty fantastic song in an attempt to make Conan cry. I’m not one who really watches the late night talk shows, and I’m sort of kicking myself to find that it’s Thursday (and he’s only got a night or two left). Has it been like this all week?

[via BoingBoing and Gawker]


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  1. it’s been this way all week. go back and watch the older episodes. some are awkward because he craps on NBC pretty mercilessly, but, well, they deserve it.relatedly, my alma mater cancelled classes today because so many students were going to participate in a jay leno protest.

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