The Tunnel Musicians of Chicago

My friend and coworker Brian Leli wrote (and photographed and reecorded) a great piece for Gapers Block, entitled The Tunnel Musicians of Chicago.

Brian takes some really great photographs. And from his site, I know he’s a strong writer based on the reflections and thoughts he shares about his many travels. But this article was the first piece I’ve read of his that was more of an editorial, more of an article as opposed to a personal entry.

The tunnel musicians of Chicago can be heard amid the roar of trains. Depending who you ask, there are only four performance-permitted stops: Jackson and Lake on the Red Line, and Jackson and Washington on the Blue. Some will tell you about these four. Some will tell you there are only three. I’ll tell you what time already has: where there are people, there is music.

It’s a really strong, really well-written article. Not only are the images great, but he’s able to get in to the lives of each performer. He describes some of the musicians I’ve seen on my daily commute, and I’m awed at how deeply he delved into each person’s past, each person’s history.

And since this is a music-related piece, in addition to the photos… there are also audio snippets of each musician, performing. Go take a look, and a listen.

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