Moving to a New Apartment (Under Construction), Logan Square

Our apartment management company recently asked us for a lease renewal fairly early this year (due by February for a May 1 lease). While we didn’t have any problems with renewing… given the early nature of the request, we decided to just go out and see what else was available.

We called one apartment and got a tour of the place. It turned out to be a bit smaller than we liked, and so we thanked the woman for her time and were about to call it a night. The landlady then mentions another property she’s got, slightly bigger, but it was still being worked on (and wouldn’t be available until April).

Liz and I agreed to go take a look, and next thing I know… we’re at the building where Gretchen and Rob live. As we were walking up to the apartment, I remembered calling the landlady (Paddy) something like 3+ years ago, when we were first looking for a place (specifically a place within this building). Exciting stuff.

The prior tenant had been here a long time (many, many years), and so they were doing a lot of work on the place. We went by over the weekend to officially sign the lease, and I snapped a few photos of the place. I’m looking forward to doing some kind of before/after shots, maybe after we move in, in April.

Fireplace, along with lots of other construction stuff. The color of the fireplace will change.

Corner view of the living room. The front door/hallway is to the right.

View from the living room, looking in to the dining room. As you can see, still a bit of work being done on the place.

This is, I can only hope, a temporary location for the toilet.

Although I have to say… that’s a pretty sweet view, if we decide to keep the toilet here.

In the small sun room, looking out on to Logan and California Sacramento.

The temporary lighting in the bathroom.

The bathtub and… I’m not sure what that is. A router?

Looking at the large mirror in the front hallway. Directly behind me is the bathroom, and if you walk forward a bit and turn right, you’ll see the front door.

This guy. Until I looked at the front door, I didn’t realize just how high the ceilings were here.

A look down the hallway connecting the front entry area to the kitchen. We have a nice built-in little shelf area.

Closer view of the kitchen. Imagine a lot of shelves and a stove here.

The back (shared) porch, along with an alley leading out to the street. Ben, Chris and Justin – this is where you guys will be coming in with all the large furniture and boxes.

I kid, I kid. We’re totally using movers again.

Looking in to the living room and dining room.

The dining room table (for now).

Looking back in to the living room, and a shot of the woodwork.

Signs of life.

We happened to find this pretty awesome doorstop.

That’s the brief tour! The move, though it’s about two months away, feels like it’s right around the corner. I’m looking forward to seeing what this place will look like, once all the construction is done. As a nice bonus, Paddy agreed to let us choose some colors for the rooms, so long as we got her the paint chips.

So the countdown begins. Anyone out there… uh, have a few extra cardboard boxes?

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  1. wow. it looks really nice! i love the woodwork. great location, too. is that right by starbucks?

    rachelle Reply

  2. Actually, the Starbucks is on Logan and California (and our current apartment is really close to that intersection). The new place will be further west down Logan, closer to New Wave.

    avoision Reply

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, you guys!!! Even in its raw state the digs look awesome. Let me know if you guys need any help with anything when the time comes. I think we still have all our boxes from the last move. Ben will have to verify, but if so, you are of course welcome to them!

    Allison Reply

  4. Here’s what I think…that’s a leap of faith. I hope it’s done in time. Also, i think that’s a tile cutter in the tub.

    Ben Reply

  5. That’s a wet tile saw in the bathroom shot (in the bathtub).

    Will Reply

  6. In the description of the street shot from the window you mention the intersection of Logan and California, which would put the Starbucks right there on the corner. But if I remember correctly, Rob and Gretchen’s building is at Logan and Sacramento, no?

    Chris Reply

  7. Doh! The new apartment is indeed at Logan/Sacramento. I was up writing this at around 5:30 AM, so my brain was a bit fuzzy.

    avoision Reply

  8. well, I’ve been beat to the punch on the tile cutter but wow. awesome place. might i recommend checking out the syney harbor paints incredible color and a great story. pricey, so unlikely that your landlord will buy their product but order the fandeck and have them matched. i have one and it has Liz Turquoise and a slew of other great colors.Congrats :)

    Anonymous Reply

  9. How exciting! I can’t wait to see how the place looks in the after pics. : O )

    Marty J. Reply

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