Nine Hours: Sleek, Minimal Capsule Hotel in Kyoto

While capsule hotels are not new, 9 Hours in Kyoto adds a greater element of design to the very Japanese approach to minimal hotels.

The name of the hotel is a simple formula. Based on the philosophy of the owners, at its most basic level a hotel should provide: 1 hour to shower, 7 hours for sleep, and one hour for rest. In total, 9 hours.

From Keisuke Yui, the president of Cubic Corporation:

Seeing old capsule hotels, I wondered: Would this concept work in London or New York? Would people think this was a good thing? It seemed clear that they wouldn’t. The basic theory of a capsule hotel was fine. But for people today, it wasn’t enough. The business itself needed to be redesigned.

The clean look of the hotel, in both color and design, is definitely attractive. But I wonder if Westerners see space in the same way as the Japanese. I’m not too claustrophobic, but I wonder how comfortable I’d actually be inside a capsule. My gut tells me I’d be ok with it, and that I’d actually be surprised by the space and comfort. It’d be interesting to try out.

If the Monocole version is too small, here’s a larger version of the video (47MB).

For more information, check out the nine hours hotel website.

[via Coudal and Monocle]

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