I’m… Fine. How Are You?

I’ve been feeling pretty low energy and uninspired this week. Haven’t had much time to surf around, so I don’t even have any good links to post up on here.

Though I try to get up early most mornings, specifically to work on the blog… I’ve been hitting snooze a lot more than normal lately.

So maybe in lieu of me posting on here, we just talk today instead?

Uhm. How… are you doing? Is there still snow where you’re at? Any good Internet memes, making the rounds?

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  1. I’m… doing well. Thanks for asking. There is still, in fact, snow here in Indy. We got another dusting of snow overnight. Fun times.I’ve mostly removed myself from the Internet for the last few days so I know of no good memes.I hope you recover your energy and inspiration.

    admoman Reply

  2. Hi Aaron – good to hear from you. Sitting at my desk here eating lunch, and keeping my end of the bargain in terms of “just talking” today.Things at work have kicked up a notch this week, which has led to a rather frenetic pace during the day. Busy, but good.Also sorta snowing here in Chicago. This morning, looking out my window, I was remembering being a kid and how exciting snow was at that age. Snowflakes were magic, and the mere act of being outside while it was snowing was seen as a kind of gift.I was listening to my adult self tick off all the adult thoughts I had, looking out at the snow: slower drivers, dirty slush, wet shoes.Sometimes, in Winter, I secretly hope for a gigantic blizzard – a kind of crippling snowstorm that shuts the city down. We’d all be forced to stay in our homes drinking soup and tea. Or more importantly, we’d be able to go outside and play, without worry of timelines or deliverables or action items.A blizzard is probably the closest thing we adults have, in terms of a “Snow Day.” I’m wishing for it not because of the free vacation day (which I admit is nice), but more so for the point of view. With a blizzard, we’d all get to slow down a bit, go outside and built a fort or a snowman. We’d have more snowball fights.

    avoision Reply

  3. i live four blocks away from you and so any variations in weather are vanishingly negligible

    nickd Reply

  4. Sorry for the delay…forgot to check back to see if you responded. I wrote about my changing responses to snow recently in relation to playing in it: http://admoman.wordpress.com/2010/02/07/snow-sculpture/. I’m enjoying going back to a child-like appreciation for the white stuff.

    admoman Reply

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