Packing Up the Office

Over the weekend, Liz and I mapped out our game plan for the upcoming move. Our move-in date is the weekend of the 27th, so we’ve got a lot of things to tackle between now and then.

It seems at once like a lot of time, and also not very much time.

We’re hitting the smaller rooms first, and I spent most of the weekend going through the books and CDs in my office. I lot of things I had to genuinely re-assess, and determine whether or not I really wanted to keep them, or if I was just keeping them for sentimental reasons. Emotional placeholders, if you will.

I pared down on a good deal of stuff. I’m a packrat at heart, and I love having things around as a reference. I like knowing that I can always walk over and pluck something off a shelf, if I need to. But this approach tends to result in me hoarding a lot of crap that has sat on a shelf for 5+ years. In some cases, more.

So a purge was necessary. I went through a ton of stuff, and separated out things I wanted to keep… and things I just wanted to get rid of (either give away via Freecycle, or sell via Craigslist).

Thanks to a recommendation from Chris, I may actually end up giving SwapTree a whirl. I’ve separated out my discards into “stuff no one will want” and “stuff some folks may want.”

At first, I was a bit wary of SwapTree, but after looking over how the site works… I’m pretty intrigued. I’ll hopefully have a bit more on this next week.

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