The Packing Begins: Dining Room as Storage Area

The packing is fully under way! Liz and I have spent most of last weekend and this weekend, clearing out the contents of the office. We’ve relocated a lot of packed boxes in to the dining room, which is now serving as our main storage area.

A view of the dining room, looking in from the kitchen.

Starting to line things up along the wall. Crazy to remember that we got that table (leaning against the wall) nearly three years ago.

Lots and lots of cardboard boxes. We’ve picked up several via Freecycle, and the car is currently chock full of boxes we haven’t even brought up yet. I’m thinking we might actually be set with enough boxes for our move.

Moving to Logan Square: $30 Table
Table Refinishing, Part 1
Table Refinishing, Part 2
Table Refinishing, Part 3
Table Refinishing, Part 4
Old Table, New Table: Work is Complete!

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