JVO on the Physical (and Emotional) Bruises of Dodgeball

My friend James recently relocated his blog over to Chicago Now, and his most recent post is a hysterical read. I don’t want to give too much of it away, but it’s too much fun to quote:

Dodgeball is not a nuanced sport.  It’s a Darwinian contest where those with Popeye arms rule over all, and the slow-moving and weak get repeatedly plastered in the face with red, basketball-sized, playground balls.  It was far from my favorite Physical Education class activity at Lincoln Junior High School (um, Go Spartans!).  If I let my mind linger too long on those days, I lapse into a waking fever dream, remembering the burly knuckledraggers who somehow always managed to be on the team opposite mine.

After reading his article, I spent a good 20 minutes surfing around Flickr, to find some good dodgeball pics to go with this. One would have sufficed, but this one just also seemed like a must-have.

James is a good guy, and a good writer. Swing on by the JVO blog and check out his new digs.

(Both photos from Kari_Marie)


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  1. Thanks, Felix! Dodgeball is the glue that binds all of us awkward kids together.

    James VanOsdol Reply

  2. I hate dodgeball! I always got plugged in the face no matter what, it was the worst. (Since my face was at the height of everyone else’s midsection.) :|

    Liz Reply

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