Reminder: Free Nintendo Contest Ends on Friday!

Just a reminder that I’ve got a contest where you can win my Nintendo DS (plus six Nintendo DS games), all by just sending in a photo! I did this in less than a minute, so it should be a snap if want a chance at the prizes.

Rules are pretty simple: you need to appear in the photo, and the phrase “Hi Felix!” needs to appear in the photo. That’s pretty much it.

Submissions are open until midnight, tomorrow… and to be honest, I think the odds still pretty great for everyone who’s entered so far. I don’t have a ton of submissions, so your chances are good for winning the first prize (the Nintendo DS + games), or even the second prize (my copy of Joystick Nation: How Videogames Ate Our Quarters, Won Our Hearts, and Rewired Our Minds).

Check here for more info and contest details on submitting a photo.

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