Boxes and Bunny Bonding

Day two of our new apartment. Again, we spent a lot of today unpacking boxes. I never knew we owned so much crap. It’s staggering, really, to see it all in a lump all at once.

Today we concentrated on the kitchen, and got the whole area cleared out.

The countertops are a bit more open, and the oven and microwave are finally accessible! Liz was running loads of dishes all day, and we’ve got a lot of newly cleaned dishes and glasses stored away.

Our new pantry, organized and loaded up.

Fast forward a few hours into the evening. After a long hiatus, we decided to have another bonding session with the bunnies.

So far, they’re still living in separate cages (although in close proximity). The two seem to be ok around one another, but take to getting a little more aggressive after about 30 – 60 minutes. Our hope is that this apartment will truly be a neutral territory for both, and that there will be less power/territory issues.

Our big hope is that they’ll get bonded, and get along a lot better… to the point where they can share the same space and not have to live in separate areas.

Baxter and Quincy exploring the hallway, which has become our temporary “bonding” area. Note the calm and watchful eyes of Liz’s bunny slippers. Watching. Always watching.

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  1. Looks very nice. I think I have that same stove!

    Alex Reply

  2. Nice kitchen! In fact, the whole apartment looks great, even with the boxes. Once you’ve got everything unpacked, I think you’ll be really glad you made the move.

    juliet Reply

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