Filling and Emptying the Bookshelves

A big part of Saturday involved us unpacking boxes, and getting the dining room area in order. We got our bookshelves set up a few days ago, and we ended up arranging nearly all of our books and DVDs.

While opening up boxes of books, I also went through another fairly aggressive weeding process. I’m a pack rat, particularly when it comes to books. I like having a reference around, just in case I want to look something up or find a particular line/quote.

I had a lot of books I’ve lugged around with me since college… books I haven’t opened in years and years. I pared down a lot, and cut about maybe 25% of what used to be on my shelves.

Liz’s books are on the smaller “ladder” shelves, and my books are in the large boxy one. I took a bit longer as I put everything in alphabetical order.

Hey – I worked at two different libraries during college, and briefly kicked around the idea of going to study Library Science and becoming a librarian. Alpha order takes a little longer, but it’s the right way to go about organizing.

I actually have smaller sub-areas on my shelf too. I start off with Reference books, then it goes to general non-fiction, then fiction. Poetry gets its own area, and is generally kept in the office closer to the computer.

I’m generally a messy kind of guy. And I really let my books go in the old apartment, with things totally out of place and scattered between various bookshelves. I’m very glad my books are now back on shelves, and in the order they’re supposed to be in.

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