Tree in Bloom, Logan Square

A few days ago, I spotted this tree on my walk home from the Logan Blue Line stop. All along Logan Boulevard, more and more green is appearing on the trees.

Yesterday, on the way in to work, I stopped to take a few more photos of the same tree. Its petals are opening up, and my guess is that they’re open even more in the late morning and early afternoon.

Lots and lots of petals. Anyone have any idea what kind of tree this is?

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  1. Looks like a dawn star or saucer magnolia. We have a ton in D.C. They look great alongside the cherry blossoms!

    Jessica C. Reply

  2. THAT, my dear Felix, is a Magnolia tree. I grew up with one in our back yard, and because the branches start so low to the ground, they make for excellent climbing. The flowers are awesome and do open up more in the summer, but then they fall off and turn a little brown & mushy on the ground. May be my favorite tree ever!

    Jane Reply

  3. Magnolias. One of the early spring bloomers and always a welcome sight. Our magnolia trees here bloomed early this year.

    juliet Reply

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