Janice Denler: In Memoriam

The burial for Liz’s grandma was today, and a smaller gathering of family got together for the service. Darryl led the proceedings, and gave some really heartfelt and inspiring words about both Janice and also on the nature of life and death.

During the service, I was torn as to whether or not I should take any photographs. It felt intrusive to do, but I know that having some memory of the day would be a good thing to have. Perhaps not now, and perhaps not anytime soon… but in later years, looking back.

I had the same concerns when my uncle Jacky passed away. But in looking back, I’m glad I recorded what I did. Even though it felt strange at the time, I’m happy to have those memories to look back on.

And so during the service, I recorded the hymn that we sang at the start. There’s a bit of wind, but you can hear the singing faintly in the background.

Shortly after the service. The uncles and aunts are gathered together on the left, with many of the cousins gathered on the right.

Also shortly after the service.

Folks milled about afterwards, and small groups of conversations formed. As people left and said their goodbyes, I ended up walking a bit with Liz and Katie, following Liz’s mom as we walked around the small cemetery.

Before driving back to the house in Frankfort, there was a small mini caravan that organized. Several cars left the cemetery together, and folks swung by the house where the kids grew up. We slowly trekked our way through the old neighborhood, and Julie pointed out houses to us and told us a few stories about when she grew up there.

It was a nice transition and a fitting way to end the service, I think: I got to see the house where Liz’s mom grew up as a kid… and then to arrive at her current house in Frankfort, where Liz grew up as a kid. The remainder of the afternoon, we all just stayed at the house in Frankfort, eating lunch, talking at the table, and watching the grandkids.

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