On the Way to Work

Since we moved in to our apartment, there’s been this incredibly large hole in the street, about a half a block away from us. Oftentimes, when we’re driving and looking for a parking spot… we’ll end up having to slowly drive past this thing, and it’s daunting. Cars are parked on the street, and there’s not a lot of room between the other cars and this gaping abyss. If you slipped a tire in, it would seriously and irreparably damage your car.

A few days ago, I saw a dump truck positioned near this hole. As we walked by, I could tell they were going to start working on it… and so I grabbed my camera. Here’s what I picked up:

I thought this was pretty funny, as I imagined the truck was unloading just one thing (I had imagined a ton of gravel). But it ended up dumping a smaller amount of materials, and it all seemed to mix together.

Here’s a shot of the hole. It wasn’t until a bit later that I realized that the hole was part of a larger, sewer upgrade project.

Yesterday, on the way to work… I noticed that they patched the area up. And I also noticed that Bill Cosby, opportunistic guy that he is, had shown up first to tag the fresh cement.

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  1. That’s hilarious. He must have stopped by on his way back from his visit to Oberlin today.

    juliet Reply

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