Bunny Burritos!

Last night was time for the bunnies to get a little ear cleaning. Liz set up the kitchen table as a makeshift work area, and got out a blanket for the “bunny burritos.” For those who haven’t seen it before, the burrito method ensures that a rabbit won’t thrash or try to run away when delicate things are happening (nail trimmings, ear cleanings, eye drops, etc).

When scared, rabbits can actually do some damage to themselves if they’re not restrained properly. We heard a story from Red Door about a rabbit who freaked out during a routine examination, and ended up breaking its own back when trying to kick and get away. So while it’s adorable and cute, the burrito approach is also very much a safety thing.

Liz, getting Baxter prepped.

Baxter bunny burrito. Liz has eye drops and some ear wax remover to apply, but it looks like she’s reaching for condiments.

Closeup of Baxter, who was a little nervous (and bug eyed) when we first picked her up. But she stayed really calm throughout, and was fairly relaxed.


Quincy, who didn’t care as much for the ear cleanings.

Kicking back, chillaxing…

Home from the Vet, and the Baxter Bunny Burrito

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