Yesterday, James was featured on WGN TV on a segment about music. Lots of us were gathered around various monitors, watching the midday show online, and got to see him being interviewed by Steve Sanders.

Well, things didn’t start off very well. During an earlier sports segment, when they were showing clips from the previous Blackhawks game… this lovely screen appeared. But after the sports bit ended, this remained up for the next 10 minutes or so. Commercials came through and played, but then when the news returned it went back to this screen.

// Small aside/rant: I understand not wanting full games streamed, but clips? Highlights? C’mon, NHL. There’s protecting your brand, and then there’s idiocy like this.

As we got closer to Jame’s interview, I was pretty much resigned to the fact that we simply wouldn’t end up seeing it.

Whereas I just complained about the problem, Justin S actually did something about it. He got on the phone, miraculously got an actual person on the horn, and got re-routed to a tech guy who was notified about the problem. At first, the WGN tech tried to explain how they didn’t have the rights to air NHL games, and Justin S had to clarify: “I understand that, but it’s still up.”

A few minutes later, it was fixed. We ended up missing the intro, but caught all of JVO’s interview about 30 seconds in. Kudos, Justin!

Favorite soundbite of the whole interview?

I kind of like this band. I actually heard of them, and checked them out on the Internet. Subterranean!

Actually, Steve? The band you like so much is called Empires, and Subterranean is actually the venue name. James was super classy though, and covered for Steve really well. Cause he’s a nice guy like that.

For those who didn’t catch it when it aired, here’s the segment in full:

// PS: Thanks to Utopia for a few of these screen caps!

Costume Party @ Subterranean
Dave Fischoff @ Subterranean

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