Andrea Bocelli: Con te Partiro

In going over my iTunes library… I happened across an album I haven’t listened to in a long while: Romanza, by Andrea Bocelli.

Immediately, I clicked on the one song that made me buy this album in the first place: Con te Partiro.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it was a long time ago… so I’ll recap. When I was in grad school, I found myself falling asleep in front of the TV a great deal. I was more of a night owl, and would often be up until 1-3 on any given night.

One evening, I fell asleep to some documentary on the local PBS station. When I woke, I heard one of the most amazing voices singing. Now keep in mind – I’m not a big fan of opera by any means, but something about his voice fascinated me and drew me in. The whole time Andrea Bocelli was singing, he had his eyes closed; it wasn’t until after the performance was over that I realized he was blind.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that two of my friends (Melissa and Chris) have a similar soft spot for this particular tune.

What can I say? The guy’s dreamy.

Interesting side note: this is a photo of my friends Jesseca and Jim. Don’t you think Jim looks a lot like Bocelli?

What’s Opera, Doc?
Columbus Retrospecticus
No way! I like that song too!

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  1. Romanza was my first introduction to Bocelli. Gave it as a little engagement gift to some friends too. Shortly thereafter I met someone in Italy that claimed his sister lived next door to Bocelli at the time, though I have no idea if it was true. Thanks for reminding me I need to listen again.

    Lynn Stevens Reply

  2. For over 40 years my family had center stage,main floor, ten rows back at the Lyric Opera. In the latter years it was just me and my older brother going to shows (with 4 vacant seats that we held for our “coats”). I love this song/album and it reminds me of my grandpa. And it’s one of the best songs they play at the Bellagio dancing waters in Vegas. It’s like the end of Rocky II…always gets me choked up.

    Anthony Reply

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