Baxter and Quincy, Exploring the Apartment

Ever since we moved to our new apartment, we’ve had Baxter and Quincy living in separate pens next to one another. Very recently, we were happy to see they were getting along with one another… and we moved them both to the same area (the sun room).

About a week ago, we opened up the gates and let the two of them explore around a bit. This was the first time for both of them to really get around and explore. We used their old pens to block off the the dining room and living rooms, and the two of them were able to hop about adn do a little looking around.

Quincy, checking out the living room area…

… before ultimately plopping down next to our china hutch.

Baxter chose a spot by our dining room table.

Baxter and Quincy, Officially Living Together
Bunny on the Loose

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  1. I love the bunny’s eye-level video. Something about that completely cracks me up. I guess I’m also supplying my own news reporter commentary: “Let’s get down to where the real action is. Felix, what have you got for us?”

    juliet Reply

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