Sunroom Updates, and Some Bunny Bonding

On Friday, Liz went out and purchased a few floor tiles to decorate the sun room (which is now technically the bunny room).

The grey/black tiles are new. At the bottom of this photo are two pieces of tile that we purchased for them, a few weeks back. Prior to us having AC units in the windows, the bunnies didn’t have a method for keeping cool… so we added these in temporarily.

New sunroom tiles, and we added a chair to their room.

More tiles. Liz was originally going to cut up some pieces to fit in the corners, but Baxter and Quincy both have set areas where they like to lay down. Because they keep returning to the same spots, we left a few places uncovered.

Ok – this next video I’m super excited to share. Our two rabbits have been living separately ever since we brought Quincy back home. Only recently did we feel comfortable enough with their bonding sessions to have them co-habitate. There have been fights in the past. There has been biting and pulled fur. There have been lots and lots of sessions where we’ve sat and supervised them together, like chaperones at a teen dance.

I first saw bonded rabbits when we visited Liz Rench (aka the Rabbit Sitter). And I’m now proud to show this little video of Baxter cleaning Quincy.

I can’t express how happy we are (and relieved in some ways) to see this. A few months back, Liz and I were wondering whether the two rabbits would have to live in separate pens, away from one another. Thankfully, they look like they’re getting along now, better than ever… which was our hope from the beginning.

Glad the two of them are warming to each other. Ain’t love grand?

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