The Bunnies Get a Maze and a Cottage

Despite a few crazy UPS and delivery snafus (and the item inexplicably routing to Chicago, then right back to its point of origin), the cardboard maze Liz ordered finally arrived. Now that both bunnies are sharing the same space, we didn’t want them to get too bored.

In the past, we took a regular box and cut out a few doors… and those sort of served as individual huts for each rabbit. But the maze, we hope, gives them some more room to move around and explore.

Liz, lining up the pieces. In the background there, we also picked up another bunny cottage.

View of the cottage interior.

We decided to go with the “L” configuration. The nice thing about these cardboard pieces is that you can move and reposition them. So after a while, when the maze is a little less novel… we can reconfigure the inside pathways.

The top is now technically on (the maze is flipped over).

On each cardboard piece, there are small circular doorways that you can either leave blocked or open up.

The completed maze, tucked in the corner of the sun room. The top is actually quite sturdy, and one of the other configurations is to make it a two story maze.

So far, the maze has been very well received. My office desk is close to the sun room, and I can hear them scampering around inside a good deal. Haven’t seen a lot of activity in the cottage yet.

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