Two Handmade Skirts by Liz

Liz has been doing a LOT of sewing projects, ever since she first started taking classes at The Needle Shop. In addition to learning how to sew pillows and to sew the piping, she’s also been working with a lot of patterns and making skirts.

Here’s a skirt she made during one of the classes.

Front view.

While in the workshop she came across a fabric that she really liked, and began work almost immediately after getting home.

And here’s the finished result!

Closeup of the birds.

Front view.

Back of the skirt.

Side view.

There was a “buy one, get one half prices” deal a while back, with the classes at The Needle Shop. So Liz jumped on that, and has been attending several over the past four or five weeks. Given her energy, I’m sure I’ll be posting more examples of her work soon.

Sewing in the Dining Room

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! (that is me, dying of cuteness and envy)The fabric is too cute for words, the cut is to die for. that is my fave. length of skirt. super cool! one of my goals is to learn how to sew (something besides a square pillow)…great job!

    aimee Reply

  2. Excellent! My girlfriend in college made tons of skirts and clothes, but it took her a long time to get up to the caliber or dress you’ve knocked out in no time at all! WORK IT, LIZ

    Chris Reply

  3. Liz, I commend you for tackling clothing….since it’s beyond me.With your creativity genes, I could see you designing lots of things….maybe even creating your own patterns!

    Sprocket Reply

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