Everyone… Meet Sebastian

Sebastian Ford was born on Monday, June 14th… following the footsteps of his two older sisters, who were also born on a Monday. It was unclear just exactly when he was arriving, but he showed up a few hours later.

For the record, I called it.

Tricia and Darryl are now the proud parents of three beautiful children. And as my boss Rey likes to say, since the kids outnumber the parents… they’ve now switched from man-to-man coverage, and are using a zone defense.

Photo from the hospital – Sebastian Ford, barely 24 hours old.

While in Frankfort for Father’s Day, everyone took turns doting on Sebastian. He’s been sleeping a lot, and was just starting to open his eyes a little bit, recently.

The Ford family has added one to their numbers and I think now, officially, they need their own jackets. Congratulations, Tricia and Darryl!

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