Tornado Sirens, Logan Square

While we were home last night, about 30 minutes after I got home… we heard the tornado sirens going off in the distance. For whatever reason, I felt fine staying where we were (third story of a large, brick building)… but Liz felt strongly that we needed to head to lower ground.

And so, we grabbed the two cat carries we had in the closet, loaded up the bunnies, and headed downstairs. Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to grab a beer on my way out.

We don’t really have a basement per se, and it’s more of a storage area on the ground floor of the building.

Luckily for us, there were a bunch of chairs lying around in storage.

Liz, watching over the buns. All in all we stayed here maybe 20, 25 minutes. The sirens went off and then kicked on again, so we just periodically peeked outside to check on the wind and rain.

By about 7PM, we were back upstairs and went about the rest of our night. When the sun broke and appeared in the sky (around 8PM), there were some pretty strange and amazing colors in the sky.

// Edit: Ben has a nice set of images in his Post-Storm Burning Sky photo set.

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Storm Damage, Logan Square
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