Macarons with Vanilla Buttercream and Strawberry Rhubarb Pate de Fruit

For Gretchen and Rob’s upcoming wedding, Liz was participating in the dessert table and bringing some homemade macarons.

Adding a few sprinkles to offset the color and texture slightly.

This is part of the interior of the macaron: a strawberry rhubarb pate de fruit (rhubarb was from the Logan Square Farmers Market).

A row filled with a layer of vanilla buttercream and topped with the fruit.

A dollop on the fruit, to help fix the top half of the macaron in place.

The completed macarons. Liz got lots of really great compliments about the macarons at the wedding, and they disappeared pretty quickly off the dessert table. The more macarons I eat, the more I love these guys.

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  1. my macarons are always flat:( i always fail at making them. what is your recipe

    Penny Reply

    • Liz is saying that it’s not the recipe, but may be something with the process. It’s either:

      1) Overmixing the batter. Or,
      2) Not waiting long enough before baking – somewhere around 25-30 minutes.

      You know they’re ready to bake when you touch them briefly with your finger, but the batter stays solid on top (and your finger stays clean).

      This solid top is what makes the macarons bake upwards, and not outwards.

      Apparently, there are tons of fail points along with this process. And I know Liz went through a lot of trial and error (to my delicious fortune). If you run into more snags, maybe drop her a line.

      avoision Reply

  2. These look delicious!

    Nicole Reply

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