Fireworks in Frankfort

For the 4th of July, Liz and I headed down to Frankfort and spent the evening there. After an incredibly filling dinner, we all headed out to the nearby school to watch the local fireworks display. It was pretty dark when we set out, kids and chairs and blankets in tow.

While the rest of the town was on the other side of the school (closer to the music), we opted to stay near the edge of the place. We could still see everything, and didn’t have to contend with crowds.

As we were sitting on the lawn looking up at the show, I decided to fiddle a bit with exposure times.


When the show was over, we broke out some sparklers for the kids. Here, Paige is a little mesmerized by her sparkler.

Julie and Audrey. This was my favorite shot from the evening.

Dan, who didn’t play much with the sparklers… but kept on lighting one after another after another, for the kids.

Fiddling more with the exposure, I got Liz and Cameron to do some sparkler drawings.


Me, trying to draw a face.

Cameron just did a bit of a squiggle.

This one came out pretty cool, I thought.

Happy Birthday, America!

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