Micmacs is a movie about Bazil, who has a stray bullet lodged in his brain. When he teams up with a group of junkyard dealers living in a cave… they all set out to battle the weapons manufacturer who created the bullets in the first place.

The film was written and directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who many may know from the very popular (and successful) movie Amélie. Jeunet is also the director behind City of Lost Children and Delicatessen, which both share a similar-ish kind of style with Amélie. Little known fact: he was also the director of Alien: Resurrection.

I’m looking forward to seeing this film, though I can’t seem to find any local screenings. The closest I’ve found is something showing in Indianapolis in a week or so. Gotta keep my eyes peeled for something here in Chicago. Looks to be a fun one.

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City of Lost Children

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