Goodbye, Margaret

At the end of this week, Margaret will be leaving Emmis Interactive. Along with her husband Justin, the two of them are setting off for Ohio, where Margaret will go back to school. After work yesterday, several folks from the office gathered at the nearby B&B for some post-work drinks. My photos weren’t very good from the night, so I’ve only got two to share…

Deb and Chris, talking a bit about Margaret and how important she’s been to the two of them. Margaret handles a great deal of tasks and responsibilities, and always carries things off in a kind of effortless manner. You could tell, in their speeches, that Deb and Chris were both sad to see her go (as were we all). But sad in a good way, since she was headed off to school.

People slowly trickled in, right after work. We kept making our table bigger and bigger, until it ended up resembling a giant viking drinking hall. It seemed fitting, as it reminded me of Larry’s Bar in Columbus, which… sadly, Margaret will never get to experience.

A few weeks back, I gave Margaret a few copies of my MFA Survival Guide – a packet that I received, prior to me heading off to Columbus for graduat school. I’m not sure if many of the businesses in that book are still open, but it felt nice to share Columbus to someone who hadn’t been there before.

Congratulations, Margaret – and good luck!

Goodbye, Matt Miner
Goodbye Bryan, Good Luck Peabe

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  1. Very sad day – but yet an exciting one. You’ll own grad school M, but I miss you already

    Chris Reply

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