I have to say – watching and hearing Jane and TJ slowly realize they had matching outfits was priceless.

Check it out: red shirt, jeans, and brown shoes. And the glasses are a nice touch.

I have a friend from my childhood, Ward Poulos, who has a photo album on Facebook called Wall of Same. I’m not entirely clear whether it’s photos of coworkers, or just collections people have sent him of people dressed alike. Either way, it’s a pretty funny and great collection.

From the comments, it looks like he and a coworker bought Looking forward to seeing that site go up.

PS: Don’t forget that Allison and Bryan set the bar a long, long time ago.

Unexpected Dress Alike Buddies
Unexpected Dress Alike Buddies, Revisited

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  1. Epic! and awesome

    TJ Reply

  2. Nice job, guys. <whisper>BRYAN, COME BACK!!! They’re gaining on us!</whisper>

    Allison Reply

  3. seriously. copy cats. :)

    peabe Reply

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