Alone With Giant Soap Bubbles

YouTube user toubaboo has some incredible videos of him making some enormous soap bubbles. He also has a lot of photos, posted on his Flickr account.

This is so incredibly awesome and mesmerizing, I can’t even begin to articulate it. I now have a new project for the summer. Although I’m thinking my first attempt will be something a little more modest, and not quite as huge as this.

I’ve always liked bubbles, but never tried to make my own formula. From my childhood, I remember seeing some really neat bubles by people who made their own bubble soap and custom wands out of coathangers. Should be a fun outdoor project.

[via Veer: The Skinny]

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  1. Wow, that was awesome

    Stacey Reply

  2. Hey Felix,Every year we always do a science lab with my 3rd/4th graders where we make huge bubbles. All you need is some Joy, a tiny drop of Glycerin and water. I just use a 1:5 ratio for the Joy and water. The important ingredient though is the Glycerin you only need a teaspoon or so but it will make the bubbles stay together.Good Luck!

    James Howes Reply

  3. This is really handy to know, once I get to the point where I’m ready to test things out. How awesome that you have an annual event like this with your students!Thanks, James!

    avoision Reply

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