Month at the Museum: My Video and Application

In October, the Museum of Science and Industry will begin a contest entitled Month at the Museum – where one participant gets to spend an entire month living, eating, and sleeping within the museum. You’re not allowed to leave the museum grounds, but if you can make it the full 30 days you get a laptop, a camera, and $10,000 cash.

Here’s an image of the room that’s been set up for the winner. Now, keep in mind you won’t have to live inside this 16×16 room for a full month… this is just a place to sleep and hang out.

Based on the rules that I’ve seen, the only requirement seems to be that you need to be inside the room for X hours per day. The winner is, after all, sort of an exhibit… so this makes sense. While the bed is there for sleeping, there are no rules that say you can only sleep in this room. Which makes things more interesting.

Yesterday, right before noon, I gathered up all my application materials: a copy of my video (which was awesome, thanks in no small part to Chris), my 500 word essay, my official application form, and a 5×7 photo (thanks to Ben).

I was a bit nervous, since I’m technically pushing right up to the deadline (which is today – Wednesday, August 11th). I stopped over at a nearby UPS store and got my application set for overnight delivery. If all goes according to plan, MSI will get my application a little later this morning, around 10:30AM. I was excited to be sending in my application, and the nice lady at the UPS store obliged me a photo.

And of course, here’s my video application, talking about why I’d be a good choice for Month at the Museum:

I noticed yesterday that there were a small number of video applications on Vimeo, and also on YouTube. Lots and lots of other hopefuls out there.

I have to say – out of all the video entries I’ve seen, Davin Coburn’s video is by far the best of the bunch. It’s funny, quirky, and just all around awesome. I was feeling good about my video, up until I saw his entry. It’s no contest – he’s definitely got the win in the video category.

Thankfully though, I also have a lot of other strong qualities in my favor. I’m hoping my experience with this blog and my writing abilities help get me past the first round of cuts. And though Davin’s video is pretty stellar, I’d like to remind everybody that there’s a little thing called the “Swimsuit Comeptition” yet to come (Daddy didn’t shave his bikini zone for nothing).

Cross your fingers for me, and wish me luck. Maybe I’ll see you at the semifinals…

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  1. That was awesome! You are a shoe in!

    TJ Mapes Reply

  2. Hey, thanks—and your video is great! (Man, if there really is a swimsuit competition, we’re all in trouble.) Best of luck!

    Davin Coburn Reply

  3. GOOD LUCK, Felix!!! I am SO hoping you will be chosen!

    Allison Reply

  4. Argh! And you know how to use the web, too! Curse you, Coburn!Seriously though – good luck to you as well. It’s going to be a long wait until August 25th…

    avoision Reply

  5. I love how you’ve been honest about this whole procedure including Coburn’s link to his video. But I push for you and best of luck! I really think you can do this, Felix!

    sumi Reply

  6. I hope you get to do this, Felix, I can’t think of a person better suited for the job!

    Mellzah Reply

  7. “And though Davin’s video is pretty stellar, I’d like to remind everybody that there’s a little thing called the “Swimsuit Comeptition” yet to come (Daddy didn’t shave his bikini zone for nothing).” HILARIOUS! I am putting good vibes in the air for you, Felix! Good luck…I think you’d be a great pick.

    Marty J. Reply

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