Three Music Videos by Michel Gondry

I was recently reminded of a few music videos by Michel Gondry, and decided I needed to share some of my favorites.

Way back in 2003, when we were still working at the Merchandise Mart, our office was housed inside the Q101 radio station. We knew folks in the Marketing and Promotions department, and every once in a while would end up getting some freebies (a pretty great perk).

One of the better things I got was a copy of the videos by Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze and Chris Cunningham. All three are great, and they’re still up on my shelf by the TV.

The first video, Star Guitar, is shot entirely on a train with the camera looking out the window. It took me a little bit at first, before I discovered what was going on. Once I noticed, it was fascinating and absolutely brilliant. While Gondry’s skill in manipulating video is impressive, I think I like the slow, gradual reveal that takes place at the beginning best.

I used to have this strange ritual a few years ago, where I’d wake up, make some coffee, and loop Let Forever Be over and over again, before heading out the door. Also another Chemical Brothers song.

While Kylie Minogue is not an artist I’m into, this video is absolutely stunning. Similar to what happens in Star Guitar, there’s a slow realization that takes place when you watch this for the first time. As the video progresses and Gondry adds more and more, it’s amazing to see how far he takes things.

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