Month at the Museum: Favorite Videos

The Month at the Museum contest is in full swing, with the deadline taking place on Wednesday, 8/11. It seems over 1,000 people entered the contest, hoping to be the person selected to reside for a month inside Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.

In terms of what’s next, there’s just the waiting around. According to the contest rules, semifinalists will be notified by Wednesday, 8/25. Which leaves about 4 business days. After that, the finalists will be notified by September 1st. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’d count myself lucky to be part of the initial semifinalists.

For now, I’m back to being a Freshman in High School again, waiting by the phone and hoping that special someone calls me back.

Meanwhile, you should check out some of the videos other applicants have posted online. In addition to a photo and 500-word essay, each candidate also had to create a 60 second video… highlighting why they would be a good choice to win the contest. While I haven’t looked at all the videos posted online (a lot are on YouTube, but surprisingly few are on Vimeo), I did flag a few favorites to share.

And, of course, in case you missed it the first time around – I’ve also posted my video as well.

Davin Coburn’s entry is by far and away the best looking video out there. His timing is great, and the whole series of things he covers comes off as confident, funny and playful.

James Kennedy shows that staying within museums is a family tradition.

Emily Timbol doesn’t have any special effects or props, but instead made a very straightforward and, in my opinion, incredibly sincere video. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about her earnestness and enthusiasm that made her video stand out.

Cooper Willis’ video is classic, and maintains the old-time theme throughout. You can’t beat an endorsement by the National Science Academy of Science.

Erin Nolan’s video appeals to the museum’s scientific base, and she offers herself up as a catalyst.

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  1. Lest the enthusiasm wane over Davin’s video, do bear in mind that most applicant entries were home-grown. Davin’s was written and directed by a New York film director, with assistance from an army of stagehands, props, and a teleprompter. So much for rugged individualism. I wonder if your Museum knows? winner has to be able to fly solo.

    Anderson Cooper Reply

  2. Felix,You are on the right track and a front runner in my mind. Of course, somewhere behind me, but nevertheless. The greater goal is the success of MSI’s promotion. Talking about ourselves is boring and self-defeating. Featuring some of the standouts is, well, curating, which after all is what a museum is largely about. Good luck with your efforts.I proposed a TweetUp at Millennium Park on Monday 8/23. I hope you can make it. There’s wifi at the Wrigley Square there. We should have a Month at the Museum film festival! I hope you can make it. Bring your computer. I’m eager to meet other applicants in person. Could be fun. Or dreadful. Anyway, details here:’re 1 in 1000. Maybe you’re the one among the thousand. Best wishes.

    Sonny Cohen Reply

  3. Interesting link, Anderson. At this point, I’m thinking that the director is a friend, and Davin did what most other folks did… seek out the aid of others who know video. It’s just that in this case, his friend happens to be someone who directs and edits videos for a living (and is really, really good).

    avoision Reply

  4. Thanks for the interest in how the video was made! (And thanks, Felix, for the embed.) Unfortunately there wasn’t time at the end to showcase each person’s contributions—but I went into lots more detail on my MATM-focused Twitter feed. Now it’s back to waiting!

    Davin Coburn Reply

  5. Bananas! If I’m a ball of dirt on a windshield I believe that a rocket scientist will know the difference!

    Alan Drake Reply

  6. Wow, thank you so much for featuring my video! To be totally honest, once I saw some other applicants videos, which were incredible, creative, and in my opinion, way better than mine, I pretty much resigned myself to having lost. So thanks for being able to see that even though I didn’t have the time or money to make a video as awesome as the ones above, I really do want this, and think I’d be great for it. You made my day :)

    EmilyTimbol Reply

  7. Is posting the video online a good idea?Part of the release in the application gives them the copyright to the video, and another part says “… I have not granted anyone else rights to … display the Video …”.

    Vern Simms Reply

  8. I have a hard time imagining the Museum not wanting applicants to share their videos online. While we all may have granted the museum rights to use the video for whatever purposes they choose, I believe we still retain the original copyright. I’m no lawyer, but my gut says we all still have the “right” to share the video however we like.Even if we no longer have any rights to those videos… I still view it as a promotional thing. Everyone who entered is excited by the contest, and by the prospect of being the person who’s chosen. Every embed and link just furthers the contest, and brings in more publicity for the Museum. As one of the contest criteria calls for an affinity to technology, it’s no surprise that a lot of folks are sharing their videos through Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

    avoision Reply

  9. And, it turns out looking at the Museum’s twitter feed, someone asked if folks could post videos and got the OK from the museum. So, you’re right, it certainly looks OK.Which is definitely a comfort to everyone who posted online!

    Vern Simms Reply

  10. Davin, I can’t find your Twitter feed. Do you have a link?Of course, if Davin’s feed has suddenly gone dark, is that a good sign (for him, at least!)?

    VernS Reply

  11. I think he created an account specifically for the contest, here.

    avoision Reply

  12. Ah, thanks.Oh, he hasn’t gone dark. Is that bad news? Or is he trying to confuse us? A double reverse!Obviously, the reading of the tea leaves is getting extreme. Gives the MSI some nice buzz, though!

    VernS Reply

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