Month at the Museum: Semi-Finalists Announced Today

So today is the deadline for when the Museum of Science and Industry will announce who the semifinalists for their Month at the Museum contest.

In many ways, I’m glad the waiting is going to be over. Today will be somewhat uncomfortable, and will likely involve 10x more phone checking than yesterday. I’ve been excited by the contest, and it wasn’t until a few days ago that I started to actively check the time, the phone, and started to actually feel a little nervous.

The idea of spending a month in the museum is still as exciting to me now, as when I first heard about the competition. After listening in to the other MATM hopefuls talk about the contest on Twitter, it feels good to be part of the group – lots of talented and enthusiastic people out there, all excited by the same thing: self-enforced isolation inside a large structure.

Seriously though, it’s been a fun process. Good luck to everyone who applied, and I hope your phone rings! Today is going to be a long, long day…

As a teaser, check out this photo essay by Justine Cooper. In 2005, she was given access to hundreds of rooms and cabinets, gaining access to the archives of the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

The images are great (and a little spooky), but there’s this underlying feel to them – as though every room were full of treasure, just waiting to be discovered. So much to see, so much to explore.

Thanks to Chris for the link!

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  1. I’m nervous, and I’m not the one waiting for the call! Good luck!!!

    Ben Reply

  2. From a fellow applicant, good luck. =) I’ve been enjoying your blogs.

    Shane Reply

  3. Good luck, Felix! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

    Marty J. Reply

  4. You know, I’m getting the feeling they’re not “announcing” anything. The MSI site says “Semi-finalists will be notified by the Museum by August 25 for a phone interview.” It doesn’t say anything about the rest of us finding out.Still, it would be nice if they said something. You know “Hey, we’ve got the calls out, thanks to everyone who entered.” Anything to take the edge off.

    Vern Simms Reply

  5. Did anyone ever hear anything?

    Mamashon Reply

  6. MSI made an announcement that they’ll have more news Friday. In the meanwhile, if you’re on Twitter… lots of folks are still chatting about the contest.And in case you aren’t on Twitter, you can always peek in via the Search pages. Try #MATM or the phrase “Month at the Museum.”

    avoision Reply

  7. The anticipation is killing ME and I’m not even the one expecting the phone call, here! I DEMAND MORE INFORMATION.

    Mellzah Reply

  8. Well?

    Alex Reply

  9. I’m sorry, I don’t have any additional information for you. I’d suggest checking for updates at the MATM website.

    avoision Reply

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