The Best Coffee Mug in the Office

Yesterday, I was a little late in getting my coffee. By the time I meandered into the kitchen, most of the mugs were taken… and this is what was left. Why wasn’t this guy the first mug taken? Your guess is as good as mine.

Trying to decipher the narrative here was a bit tricky. It’s a rabbit on the beach. Palm trees suggest Florida, or some tropical location. The eggs alongside the rabbit make me think that this is the Easter Bunny. To the right, slightly out of the frame, is a female rabbit in a bikini… who I can only presume is Mrs. Easter Bunny. Is she the one who does all the work, and lays all the eggs? Does he just hide the eggs, or is he also the one who paints them?

So many questions abound. Are they on the run somewhere, having stolen all the eggs? How are his sunglasses staying on, since they’re not touching his ears? Why is the Easter Bunny balanced on his tail?

It’s a wonder I got any work done, yesterday morning.

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