GROW Valley: New Game From Eyezmaze

GROW Valley
is the latest installment of the GROW series, made by the quirky and wonderful eyezmaze.

For those unfamiliar with the series, it’s a deceptively easy game in terms of control… but gets tricky, in terms of trying to figure out the right “solution.” Users are presented with a variety of buttons (seven in GROW Valley). Depending on the sequence you select, the resulting animations change. Buttons interact with one another, and part of the fun is watching all the little things that happen between the various combinations.

This game has particularly long animations, which you can skip by clcking (if you see a Fast Forward icon). The “goal” of the game is to max out the levels for each button. I haven’t gotten very far myself, and only have managed to get one or two items up to Level 5 or 6.

If you haven’t tried them out before, I highly recommend the original GROW game, GROW RPG (which has more of a narrative to it), and GROW Cube. And though I’ll sound like a broken record on this, Tontie is the most addictive number-keypad game ever.

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